Active Engagement ® Practicum 3.0
Module 1: AE Foundation & Practice

A 9-month online (no travel) deep dive into the depth and breadth of Active Engagement practice. Suitable for 4-day grads AND past AE practicum grads seeking both a refresher and a deeper dive into the material and work.


In depth online course work

  • Broken into mobile accessible segments in video, print and audio options
  • Provides foundational teaching and principles never before gathered
  • Using the LifeFrame as an organizing principle this practicum design
  • Allows for self-directed learning and exploration – follow your learning wherever you are best served
  • Provides clear concepts and frameworks, clear skill steps
  • And deeper dives into the material and related practices than ever before possible*: AE originator, Steven Wirth brings 30 years of broad practice experience and depth to this work.  This format allows him and other AE practitioners to share the depth and hard won wisdom of their experiences.  

Pre-start Active Engagement Refresher Coursework

  • All of us have areas of the AE practice we are less familiar with or forgot over time
  • This design provides a refresher walk through the AE material and practice to re-acquaint you and bring you up to speed, whatever your starting point.
  • This material will be available for participants, prior to the formal program start.

Mentor / Coaching

  • Monthly individual sessions with AE Mentor / Coaches to work the material and practice, adapting it with integrity to your experience and style.

Mentored Peer Learning Groups

Connecting participants in ‘peer learning groups’ has often been a rich learning vehicle for practicum participants.  In practice, some groups foundered and never found their direction. To enhance the learning, this practicum design will provide Mentored Peer Learning. 

  • Mentored Peer groups will have a past AE practicum grad helping facilitate the group sessions.
  • Will be independently scheduled based on peer group members best availability
  • Will be 75 minutes of breaking open the practice and sharing experience.

Group Learning Sessions

Over the course of the 9 months, there will be a rotation of:

  • Monthly group learning sessions.  90 minutes long, these sessions will allow for full group engagement. 


Tuition will be $1,959 US, and cover monthly mentoring and all course work with access for 1 year to material.

  • Refundable tuition payment may be made in advance for those with training budget time considerations.
  • Monthly payment options are available for those interested.


Next Practicum group enrollment to be announced.

Enrolling or Enquiring

Email Practicum Registration with interest or further questions.

  • Refundable tuition payment may be made in advance for those with training budget time considerations.
  • Monthly payment options are available for those interested.

*Content Design

This AE practicum evolution provides content that:

  • translates concepts into concrete awareness, skills and behaviors to work with
  • moves thoughtfully from the simple to the complex, from the highly focused to broader systemic looks
  • integrates the ethical foundation of Active Engagement practice
  • explores deeply into each arena of life, and connects between arenas
  • offers: workplace focus, dating, parenting, cultural awareness, dealing with bad actors, and/or connections to the depths of healthy and wise self-awareness. 
  • reflects the distinctive AE understanding of human freedom and the 3 stances of the AE practice.

What Might Further AE Practicum Modules Look Like?

One of our learnings is that people take the AE Practicum with different goals in mind.  The traditional 2-year attempted to cover those and allow for both professional skill growth, personal growth, and support those seeking to be better facilitators and leaders.  This evolved design allows us to create a stronger foundation for all participants, and then adapt specialized future offerings to match the interests and desire of those who might continue.