AE Mentoring as a Leadership Skill: Engagement that supports another’s insight and action.

June 15-16, 2022 9:15 am MT – 4:30 pm MT.

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Ready to enhance your skills to lead and engage others in ways that develop and deepen their abilities and effectiveness? Would you appreciate skilled instruction, practice and feedback that are useful whether you are engaging with staff, stakeholders, colleagues, friends or family? This workshop will help.

These two days will help you meet with others formally (staff supervision, work team settings) and informally (spontaneous colleague consultations, family conversations) with a clearer idea of how to be present and engage more helpfully.  This will teach you to see subtle differences that produce dramatically different outcomes. 

The workshop will explore a developmental mentoring approach that will enhance your ability to support others effectively in:

  • Productively reflecting on their experience in ways that bring clarity and new insight
  • Provide helpful strategies and new possibilities for nondefended engaging
  • Enhance the quality of choices and ability to respond freely in real time
  • Help them practice skills of engagement that improve their relationships and performance

Experienced AE mentors / coaches, Steven Wirth & Phyllis Woolley, who between them bring literally thousands of hours of experience working in one on one and group mentoring and facilitation settings will lead the days.

If you are a ‘graduate’ of the four-day Mindful Leadership: The Path of Active Engagement workshop, you are eligible to attend.  Regardless of your experience level, you will take away useful insights.

15 & 16 June, 2022 Wednesday & Thursday Online Group:

We are delighted by the depth and effectiveness of offering the training via web-conference.  The convenience, and the humane approach we take to online process makes for a pleasant and engaging learning experience.

We invite you to participate in the training in small group online learning mode.  We have long offered individuals and small groups with access challenges an AE training design that adapts the material and interaction to one-to-one or distance learning practice. This has proven effective and successful.
Join in our group meeting mode on Zoom, and have full access to all of the materials of the physical-presence 4-day available on our Online Learning platform. Recent attendees describe our process as “The best online training I’ve experienced.”

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